Murray Grey Beef Cattle

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Welcome to this website!  We have a growing, dynamic group of Murray Grey breeders and enthusiasts who are joined together in promotion of this wonderful breed of cattle.  Our aim is to educate the general public about the numerous positive qualities of Murray Grey cattle, and to provide our membership with an easy, low cost system of registration for their cattle.  Our annual membership fees are very low, and we have a prompt cattle registration system for our members.

Check out our website, and hopefully visit some of our members in person who may be in your area; follow the links to member websites.  Our registrar is Canadian Livestock Records Corporation.  Their website maintains an alphabetical listing of our members, as well as a list of all the member's animals, complete with pedigrees:  CLRC Website.  Internet registration is available.  Contact the CLRC for the required forms.

Because our membership is spread, literally, all over the globe, we try to accomplish most of the association business via internet.


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