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Houston Giles
Houston GilesPresident
Giles Ranch, Missouri
The Giles’ have found Murray Greys to be a good fit for their low input, forage only operation. A combined flerd of Murray Greys and hair sheep in a holistically managed grazing operation are an excellent choice in Fescue country!
Angie Nason
Angie NasonSecretary/Treasurer
Wisteria Farms, Illinois
A proven track record for helping breeders connect, she is the “passion behind the product”.
Favorite saying, “Character is how you treat people that can do NOTHING for you.”
Nick Schmitt
Nick SchmittWestern Regional
Bullschmitt Cattle Co, Idaho
A BioChemist by trade, Mr Schmitt has extensive experience with AI/embryo transfer and importing new genetics. His herd emphasis is on developing curve bending performance characteristics within the Murray Grey breed.
Patty Johnson
Patty JohnsonEastern Regional
Pannill’s Gate Farm, Virginia
Our Commercial Voice. Pannill’s Gate Farm has contracts with the top suppliers to well known markets. She can help YOU be a better producer!
Carole McQueen
Carole McQueenSouthern Regional
Queensdale Ranch, Texas
Carole was the first importer of live Murray Grey cattle, and semen, to U.S. The McQueen’s possess a rich history of Murray Greys in the United States and the MGIA is proud to have them call us home!