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Hamburg, Illinois
Mariha Point Murray Greys
We currently have 20 heifers for sale, of which 14 have been with the bull since 07/22/2016. As of now there are 2 weaned H and 4 will be within the next month. Their colors including light, silver, dun and blacks. Birthdates range from 08/02/2015-03/15/2017. Prices for weaned H range from 1,000-1,500. Bred H range from 1,800-2,400. Also have some promising weaned bull calves if anyone is interested.
Cory Risemas
Elkhart, Indiana
Pleasant Ridge Farm
Pleasant Ridge Farm located in Elkhart (Northern) Indiana has Heifers, Cows, Bulls, (a little bit of everything!) for sale. Cory has grown substantially over the last few years and is looking to thin out his herd to make it a bit more manageable. If you’re in the Midwestern states, its worth checking with Cory as I’m sure he has something you’re looking for. A list containing Photos, Pedigrees, etc. will be added soon to this listing. You can email Cory at [email protected]
Giles Ranch – Two Murray Grey Cross bulls for sale – SOLD!!!
17534 Base Line Blvd
Jasper, MO 64755
Two nice Murray Grey/Angus cross bulls. Both are two years old. One is 50% Murray Grey, the other is 75% Murray Grey. These are smaller framed, thick forage type bulls that have never been fed grain. Low maintenance and docile. Born on our place and raised on pasture and hay in the heart of fescue country. Asking $1,800 each.
Giles Ranch
Greg Barron – 7 heifers for sale – SOLD!!!!!
24563 Boot Hill Road
Alma, Kansas 66401
Seven Murray Grey yearling heifers for sale. Four browns and three greys. Asking $1750/ head.
Hilbert, Wilsconsin
The Moehn’s have a number of yearling heifers and cow/calf pairs for sale. If anyone is looking for some females, please call 1-920-439-1887 or email [email protected]
Paige, TX
Mockingbird Farm
Mockingbird Farm has four silver females for sale. The are:

1. $2600 MF2 – Elphaba. (Named from the musical Wicked). This is a sweet mama cow with a great disposition. She easily delivered a heifer calf last year and is about 5 months pregnant currently. Elphaba is not quite 3 years old.

2. $1600 MF5 – Firecracker, one of our Mockingbird Farm heifers, was born on July 5 last year. She’s a little on the smaller side, like her mother, and will need some more time to grow before she’s ready to breed. Great bloodlines on her sire side.

3. $1800 MF7 – Catalina – Another one of our Mockingbird Farm heifers, was born on September 20th last year. Catalina has a really friendly disposition, if you’re looking for an A2 family milk cow, Catalina might be a great prospect. Great bloodlines on her sire side.

4. $2600 MF11- Galinda – another excellent mama who delivered a nice bull calf last year. She has an easy temperament. Not quite three years old, Galinda is about 7 months bred.

For more information, please email [email protected] or call!
Listing Added 10/25/2016 Nicholas Farms (North Central Texas not far from the Red River) has Bulls for Sale
Nicholas Farms currently has one bull and one bull calf for sale. Hank is two and ready to take on his own herd of cows. Jake is 7 months and is looking really good! Please contact Lynda Nicholas.
Listing Added 11/28/2016 LeBlanc Farms in West Central IL has a Midland Bull For Sale!
Jerseyville, Illinois
Here’s a stacked Pedigree folks. This 3 year old Silver bull born 1/27/14 and with an impressive Adj 205 weight of 631lbs has Willalooka Power on top AND bottom. Grandson of Lerwick Park Buckley B2 (which was an Australian import of straight Orcadia Park breeding and who is considered by many to be THE Australian producer of bulls). Eagle Rock Bristol 26B, bred by Eagle Rock Murray Greys in Idaho, was purchased from midland in 2015. Has excellent temperament, easy to work, and maintains his condition on pasture.
Call Chris 618-946-7306 or Steve 618-946-1650
Mike & Gaylene Lowry
Fernley, Nevada
7 Lazy Eleven Ranch in Fernley, Nevada
7 Lazy 11 Ranch has some very nice Weanling Heifers and Bulls for Sale. Heifer pricing ranges from $1500-$1800 with SIX females available. Bull pricing is $3750 for your pick out of the FOUR for sale. Take a look at the photos then email Lowry’s for more information including Pedigree/etc. at [email protected]
Poverty Hill in Vermont is selling a weanling bull with a pedigree packed full of longevity!
Bull born 5/6/17, Birthweight 76lbs.
Sire:Victory Power Play….Dam: Poverty Hill Rim Milly 5A
Pictures of sire, dam,and sisters are available on our web site. Any questions, please call Mark Cohen
802 – 748 -9681