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54301 E. 60th Rd
Miami, OK 74354
Foster, Porter – JUNIOR MEMBER
21108 Robertson Rd.
Hammond, LA 70403
February of 2018 would bring the birth of Bennett Steel, a bullcalf orphaned and sold to the Foster family. Porter led “Steel” to his foster mother 2 times a day and worked with Steel all summer long to mold him into a show bull to be shown in 4H. We anxiously look forward to following young Porter and his success with Murray Greys.
1460 E. Roso Lane
McAlister, OK 74501
Using a Murray Grey bull from the Giles Ranch herd.
McAnulty, Haylee (Spence)
105 NE 1st St.
Atkins, AR 72823
Haylee, a new bride from Atkins, AR is taking her future seriously by realizing the advantages of using a purebred Murray Grey bull to cross over her Charolais heifers/cows. We’re anxious to watch how this “cross” does for her and hear her thoughts. If you would like to know more about this cross, drop Haylee a line. Her first Murray Grey x Charolais calves will arrive spring 2019!
P.O. Box 353
Alma, KS 66401
9904 Shively Ln
Austin, TX 78747
Ralph Dunham
23460 Mimi St.
Jerseyville, IL 62052
Using foundation sire LeBlanc Paddy (Eagles Run Bluebell x HD Total Eclipse) for 3 years and breeding up from Gelbveigh females, Ralph is building a fine herd of percentage Murray Greys which he will one day pass off to his grandson Matthew Tuey.

Together they also operate a lucrative hay business.
Reagin/Wooten, Ned & Bridgette and Roy & Christine
1556 Candy Walton Rd
Edmonton, Kentucky 42129
Compass Creek Farms
Compass Creek Farms, LLC is owned and operated by Ned and Bridgette Reagin, and Roy and Christine Wooten. We are friends for over 20 years and have been neighbors in our valley in Metcalfe County, Kentucky since 2004. We have partnered together with the goal of thoughtfully raising beef and chicken for ourselves and others.
P.O. Box 11
204 Pine Street
Halsey, NE 69142
Purchasing cattle from the Frost Ranch disbursal in Nebraska, with pedigrees rich in Beaver Creek genetics!
2808 Condry Rd
Lancaster, WI 53818
Willow Branch Farms
Willow Branch Farms has been raising quality Murray Greys for over 10 years in south central Wisconsin with more than a few of their foundation cows originating from Eagles Run Ranch in Livermore, CA. Owner Jamie is experienced in AI, having formerly used semen by Banksia Ridge Zorro, Bundaleer XRoads and others but most recently Jamie imported new genetics from Wallawong in Australia. If you’re looking for great genetics in a moderate frame, give Jamie a call!
140501 Stegell Road
Lyman, NE 69352
Using Purebred Murray Grey bull WR MARSHALL from Terry Anderson
1716 E. Arlington Road

Hutchison, KS 67501
Using Murray Grey genetics out of Terry Anderson’s WR Bradley!