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7 Lazy 11 Smoke No More
Address: Fernley, NV
Farm: 7 Lazy 11, Mike & Gaylene Lowry
7 Lazy 11 Smoke No More’s conformation is as correct from head to tail as a bull can be He has a top line that is thick all the way through and it is flat and straight like a table top. He has the perfect slope to his shoulders. The muscling in his hind quarters runs deep with great thickness. He is 3 years and 2 months old and weighs 1910 lbs. We started breeding him at 1.5 years of age on heifers and put him on cows at 2 years old. All of his calves so far are carbon copies of him without any calving issues. He is a Sire that will be an asset to breeders of purebred Murray Grey’s or commercial breeders looking to add muscle to their feeder calves.
Currently offering AI straws at $25 a straw plus shipping, please contact Mike today for more information 775-980-7195, or contact us on Facebook at
Cell: 775-980-7195
Farm: ORIgen Semen Sales
Karakara Burleigh is a Silver Son of Southend West Rowan. Breeders in the U.S. have experienced BW’s in the high 70’s to low 80’s. Most noted is the disposition this bull stamps on his calves as well as the exceptional conformation of his females. Contact ORIgen at the phone number provided or if you have questions you can contact breeder Alan Marshall at the email link. Straws are $50 with quantity discounts available.


Long Fed Export Index +38
Supermarket Index +43
Heavy Grass Fed Index +46

Trophy for the most successful exhibitor

1st-2nd-3rd- Senior Bulls Class 94
1st-2nd-3rd-Senior Bulls Class 95
Phone: 1-866-867-4436
Farm: Universal Semen Sales, Solitude Farm & Ranch
Dynamic is pictured here at 8. He is in pasture breeding condition. His progeny are quiet, long and structurally correct. His females are broody and fertile with good dispositons. He is a short gestation bull making him ideal on heifers and he is producing progeny with excellent carcass traits. He has a total of one favorable form of gene for marbling and 6 favorable forms of genes for tenderness after being gene tested for both traits.

Dynamic is available from:
Universal Semen Sales $25 per straw. Contact them at 1-800-227-8774
Solitude Farm & Ranch 4 Straws Available. Contact Leslie at [email protected]
Address: Australia
Farm: Murray Sutherland, Australia
Michaelong Advance D26 is the silver bull in the photo with Murray Sutherland, son of breed founder Helen Sutherland. He was born September 2, 2008. Frame Score 6.5, Scrotal Circumference of 42cm. Birthweight (unknown at this time) Mature Weight 2579 lbs.(kg’s converted to lbs) Rump Fat 10mm, Rib 15mm, Raw Marbling Scan 601.

Michaelong Embassy is a dark son of Advance… (second 2 photos for reference).

Please contact Margaret Hunter, OAM at the email below.
Cell: 0412509652
Farm: Universal Semen Sales
“Pericles” is considered one of the great sires of the breed by many in Australia. Use him if you need to increase frame size and yearling weights.

Semen available through Universal Semen Sales for $40 per straw.
2626 2nd Avenue South
Great Falls, Montana 59405
Phone: 406/453-0374 or 1-800-227-8774
Address: Bertram, Texas
Date Added: 09/11/2017
Farm: Reflections Ranch, Patricia Cavajal
For sale are straws of Olympias Pelion Price: $25 per straw.
If you like “heritage genetics” here is your chance… Olympia’s Pelion was a Canadian bull born January of 1976 and this photo was taken of him as a 2 year old at the 1978 National Western Stock Show. If you’re looking to reduce frame size, this is the way to do it.
Cell: 513-913-0329
Farm: Solitude Farm & Ranch, TX
MGIA Registration no. 2419 / USA 54659 (On the list of approved AI sires, Pfizer DNA results upon request)

75 Total Straws Owned
30 Straws available for sale at $25/ea.

Contact Kevin or Leslie at: (817) 658-4885
[email protected]
BB Backbone’s General
Address: 4061 Winsor Dr
Farmers Branch, TX U.S.A. 75244
Date Added: 02/15/2021
Farm: Backbone Ranch
BB Backbone’s General is a rare Monterey Marshall son out of a JOPA Elation Power granddaughter. General is a calving ease bull that sires deep-bodied, feminine heifers and thick bull calves that grow well. He scored 9 for tenderness and 6 for marbling on the Igenity test. His semen is priced at $25 per straw.


Hays Boyd
[email protected]
BB Uncle Tony
Address: 4061 Winsor Dr
Farmers Branch, TX U.S.A. 75244
Date Added: 02/15/2021
Farm: Backbone Ranch
BB Uncle Tony is a moderate framed bull that weighed 1,910 lbs at maturity. He scored a perfect 10 for tenderness and a near perfect 8 for marbling when tested with Igenity, making him an ideal sire for improving carcass traits. He stamps each one of his calves with consistent quality and has been the foundation of the Backbone Ranch breeding program. His semen is priced at $25 per straw.


Hays Boyd
[email protected]