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Fancher, Mickey – 5411950
Address: 1362 East Friess Lake Dr
Hubertus, WI 53033
Date Added: 03/12/2018
Farm: Steeple View Ranch
Steeple View Ranch LLC, raises Murray Grey cattle on our ranch located in the scenic Kettle Moraine area in Southeast Wisconsin. The Kettle Moraine landscape was formed 10,000 years ago by glacier. Towering above Steeple View Ranch is the beautiful Holy Hill Basilica church.

We have a closed herd of Murray Grey Beef Cattle with an emphasis on Australian grass fed genetics for tenderness and performance on grass. The Murray Grey Beef Cattle breed originated in Australia from a breeding of a Shorthorn female to an Angus Bull. Murray Greys have a heavy concentration of Angus DNA but have many unique characteristics that give a profitable advantage to commercial herds.

Our original cow herd was purchased from Eagle Run Ranch in California. Eagle Run was one of the most influential breeders in North America. The cows we purchased represented their six top performing cow families enabling us to carry on their successful breeding program here in the midwest. We are primarily a seed stock producer but do have grass finished beef for sale on animals not selected for our breeding program.

At Steeple View Ranch, we strive to protect the land and the environment that surrounds our beautiful ranch. We rotationally graze our cattle moving them to new grass daily. This is good for both our pastures and the environment. Rotational grazing results in more complete vegetative cover and improved soil structure allowing a higher percentage of the rainfall to infiltrate the soil where it can be used for plant growth rather than running off where it can result in soil erosion and sedimentation problems. Water quality improves as the pasture vegetation becomes denser and the soil conditions improve. A University of Wisconsin study showed that pastures are the best “crop” for reducing runoff, erosion, and phosphorus pollution over any other land use

If you are interested in our Murray Grey breeding animals or our grass fed beef please feel free to contact us or schedule a visit.
Cell: 414-588-6929
Address: 5341 Birch Road
Rudolph, Wisconsin 54475
Phone: 715-421-0279
Address: 54340 County Highway 5
Reedsburg, Wisconsin 53959
Phone: 608-534-4889
Address: W 4861 Moore Road
Hilbert, Wisconsin 54129
Phone: 920-439-1887
Address: 2808 Condry Rd
Lancaster, WI 53818
Date Added: 07/06/2018
Farm: Willow Branch Farms
Willow Branch Farms has been raising quality Murray Greys for over 10 years in south central Wisconsin with more than a few of their foundation cows originating from Eagles Run Ranch in Livermore, CA. Owner Jamie is experienced in AI, having formerly used semen by Banksia Ridge Zorro, Bundaleer XRoads and others but most recently Jamie imported new genetics from Wallawong in Australia. If you’re looking for great genetics in a moderate frame, give Jamie a call!
Cell: 608-348-5283