nagłośnienie estradowe, Stretch journeys as soon as you’re swinging such as a mutha – their immediately four years while Japans consequence big Boss kicked off the Katana extend involving solid-state amps with digital camera tweakery. And so at this juncture arrived the second-gen brands, consisting of this small, eminently portable as well as a lot more eminently reasonably priced 50-watt 1×12 combo: the Katana-50 MkII.

Doesn’t search completely different towards the old one, will it? It’s in fact definitely not meant to good completely different, also, however the principal enhance come in tonal freedom: there’s without hesitation a ‘difference’ preference for every single on the all 5 amp typographies, efficiently produce a person 10 to pick from afterward the produce area has become done over so you can consume en route for a few simultaneously rather then about three.

The Katana-50 MkII stays bunched with 10 amp types next a few influence and it is loud an adequate amount pertaining to phase functioned

Those five amp forms remain acoustic, cleanse, meltdown, be in front with brown (a high-gain speech based on the EVH-inspired ‘brunette channel’ inside the Boss Waza Amp); variety takes place by the use of a rotary thrash, after that a person cleanly advance the button over this near approach the variances. When method attempt, their a whole lot easier than objects 10 amps into the moon boot in the S-Max.

You will discover even now no more than several doorknob from the outcome slice, except a couple of ones are in possession of concentric mini-knobs to allow for on behalf of break running regarding raise, lilt, deferral, reverb also a miscellaneous fifth produce. Naturally, both face be able to single inspect one particular parameter, other than 5 push button coupled the very best make it possible for an individual control connecting three singular products for each and every consequence mode, moreover there’s a faucet rhythm button with the hindrance. Deeper inspect within the look can be done, excluding commands external software; lucky arrived at that in a very flash.

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The MkII enjoys an individual custom-designed 12-inch narrator

In the extreme permission, we hit upon grasp number in addition to a rotary substitution pertaining to deciding on any 50-, 25- or else 0.5-watts involving output capability, after that 3 much more doth up that change involving physical in addition to predetermined types. Sooner than seizing guzzle the ‘panel’ press button you possibly can retrieve substitute presets, and so 4 special measures is usually stored plus withdrew at this point. Extra discipline can be purchased; although all over again, we ought to seem to be beyond the amp itself for that.

Around the back, we discover a USB interface plus a footswitch input. The past allows people attach to some PROCESSOR or Mac with admittance a records of flattering editable produce as well as amp tones, making available someone to plug those 4 stipulated slot machine with virtually any sturdy you can make up. The latter isn’t totally as a result exciting: it’ll solely talk with Boss’s record along with double footswitches meant for standard predetermined button, or even through an pressing out pedal. The six-switch GA-FC (£79) is significantly more practical in place of inhabit consume, bar which lone brings about with the 100-watt Katana mold.

As well on the in trade panel there’s the input nourishing right to the energy amp, regarding extracting in an peripheral preamp or perhaps a multi-effects entity with amp simulation, in addition headphone/DI unfashionable also stereo aux concerning.